Dedicated to Ensuring Protection and Expansion of Private Property Rights in Montana

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The rights we have to own, enjoy, and put to productive use the property we own are fundamental to our economy and free society. Far too often those rights come under attack, be it from overzealous environmental activists or over-reaching government bureaucrats. Allowing those property rights to erode means fewer freedoms and diminished opportunities for future generations of Montanans. That’s why it’s so critical that Montana landowners unite today to protect and enhance those rights.

Landowners for Montana PAC is devoted to ensuring that the state's elected officials preserve our democracy by protecting and enhancing private property rights. It is imperative that we do not allow the efforts of out-of-state special interests to erode your rights as property owners and jeopardize the future of our state and our country. Please support Landowners for Montana's mission to protect our Nation's freedom.

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